Our Mission Statement:

The mission of NorthLake Family Recreation Center is to improve the quality of life in the northern Chautauqua County area by providing facilities and programs where people of all ages can enjoy a variety of recreational activities safely, inexpensively, and in a wholesome environment.

Its aim is to build a complex to meet the physical and social needs of youth and adults alike. It is intended to provide a wholesome family atmosphere that will encourage a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.


NorthLake Family Recreation Center was originally conceived by a group of parents who were traveling to other cities and villages with their children to participate in sporting events. It was felt that an athletic facility was needed in the Northern Chautauqua County area to provide a place for family oriented recreation.

After a search of available properties the existing 16.3 acre parcel was purchased from the Belden and Blake Corporation through the generosity of a donation from MaryAnn and Albert Sam in August of 1998.

In September of 1998 ground was broken for the construction of the first outdoor soccer field. Two soccer fields were ready for play and the first official game was held September 10, 1999 when Dunkirk played Westfield.

Since that time, a third soccer field, a baseball field, two basketball courts and two volleyball courts have been completed along with a restroom/concession building.

If funds become available, future plans include construction of a 40,000+ square foot indoor facility with accommodations for soccer, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, general fitness and a walking track.


Please consider donating towards the mission of this great facility in our community -- any monies donated are tax-deductible, and any time offered will be gladly accepted towards the up keep of the grounds and facility.

Contact us if you are willing and able to help @ 716-413-2698 or send donations to Northlake Family Recreation Center @ PO. Box 334 Westfield NY.

Board of Directors

Tim Abbey

Venn Blakely

Adam Bratton

William Culligan

Matt Eggleston

Cathy Gatto

Mike Johnson

Kim Miller

Dave Walker


Andrew Webster


Jim Alexander

Thayne Bodenmiller

Jon Cooke (d. 2011)

William Culligan

Albert Sam

Al VeStrand