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Festivals & Fairs


Fall Travel Soccer Festival

This festival is held each Fall at the facility. Watch for details near the end of the summer.

Community Activities

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The Kevin W. White Memorial Soccer Game

WACS Boy's Varsity home games are held at the SGT Kevin W. White Memorial Field each Fall.

Each September one of the home games are played in honor of Kevin White, a local fallen military hero. Watch for details this summer.

In 2014 thanks to Andrew Webster, the first WACS alumni game was organized. This is hoped to be an annual event!


Spring Soccer Season 2015

As winter is now a faded memory the Spring soccer season is well under way!

Playoffs for Spring Travel soccer will be held on June 20th and 21st Join us for an exciting day!

WACS First Annual Alumni Soccer Game 2014

Saturday September 20th marked the first Westfield Acadamy and Central School's Alumni Men's Soccer game at the Northlake facility.

Thanks to the organizers, Andrew Webster and Katie Robinson, and to all the alumni willing to play. The game was entertaining and all who participated expressed their enjoyment.

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